Chiropractors Are Actually All Right

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I don’t mean to be a grump, but I just can’t help it sometimes. After a lifetime of seeing things come and go I don’t generally believe the claims of various “quacks” that trumpet the benefits of their particular therapy or wonder-diet.

But, every now and again I get a pleasant surprise and I have to acknowledge that I may have (may have) been a bit too hasty in passing judgement on something.

And so we come to chiropractic.

After poking fun at friends for years during pub conversations when they told me I really should try their miracle worker chiropractor I ended up with a lower back pain that meant that I would try anything to get relief (there are only so many pain killers you can have and still feel like you’re actually living on the same planet as everyone else).

So my adventure began, and, like many others, it started with a bit of secret online investigation.

I searched on Google for “good chiropractic treatment in Rayleigh” and came up with a few choices, one of which was the guy near the golf club who a friend had told me about, at Help To Health Chiropractors.

Without telling anyone I booked a treatment (it had a money-back guarantee which helped), and actually I got pain relief. And even better the chiropractor, Mark Davies, showed me how to sit properly at a desk and the best way to work at my computer. After all of these years, finally I have someone who can tell me where I was going wrong. Not bad for an Arsenal suppporter.

So with my new posture (and my new office chair), and with my chiropractor helping my back pain I am well on the road to recovery.

So, I guess chiropractic can work after all. Just don’t mention too loud that I said it.

Here’s Help To Health’s You Tube video…