Lifting And Digging – Call This A Holiday Weekend?

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pile of bricksI guess it’s karma. After spending last weekend sitting on the couch watching Bubba Watson win the Masters this weekend I’ll be the one doing the hard work.

You know how it is? You have a list of “we’ll get that sorted one day” tasks, and in the back of your mind you know that it will never probably get done. However at some level you feel good – you’ve acknowledged that it needs taking care of, and you’ve added it to your list.

Well, this item has finally shuffled itself up to the top and this holiday weekend has now been earmarked for the big event.

Our garden area is big and part of it has been tatty since before we moved in. A couple of tree stumps, a pile of bricks, a collection of rotted fenceposts and some fencing wire as well at the usual rubble and debris that gathers year after year. But now is the hour for a transformation.

So, we have a plan. Or should I say, my better half has a plan which involves me and my beloved brother-in-law working ourselves hard over three days. In a task that would a credit to a TV make-over show we will be clearing the rubbish, digging up tree stumps and preparing and laying patio slabbing to make a nice outside dining area.

Our garden is already resembling a DIY area.  I managed to hire a manhole cover lifter (there is no way I’m doing that by hand) and I have some nice new tools from our local Homebase. The good news is I get to keep them (my wife knows that the promise of boys toys will get me to do anything).

It’ll all be worth it in the end, and the plan is that, weather permitting, we will relax with a nice family meal and a bottle or two of wine come Easter Monday evening.

Although I may grump and moan about it I’m actually quite excited by the prospect of doing a bit of hard graft (don’t tell my wife as I’m sure she’ll have some other jobs from the list). I’ll also be able to say, “I did that” when we have visitors and regale them of tales of my building prowess, even if I have to share the glory with my brother-in-law.

OK, let’s get going…