Time to Prepare for a Thrill of a Lifetime at the Monaco GP 2015

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I know you must be wondering is this man for real? After all who at 50 plus years wants to watch loud and scary speeding machines flying all over the place? Welcome to aging in style because if you want to get a thrill out of life nothing does it like these fast cars.

Oh, and by the way, the guys at FIA have already reduced the noises by introducing the quieter V6 engine so my ears are safe for now. But seriously the exhilaration of Formula One has been one of my later age discoveries and you can bet it makes me feel way younger.

You see there is one thing in life that you cannot deny a man and that is a fast car. Even if you don’t get it you will always ogle at that Bugatti when it zooms past you on the highway. Who are we kidding if some of you could get the chance to mortgage the house and get into that Ferrari only for a few days you will do it.

Anyway back to F1 and why I am over the moon over the prospects presented in 2015. Since the great races pitting Senna and Prost or going way back to James Hunt in the 60s this is one sport where you get everything in a package. There is the thrill, glamour, and of course a little bit of partying after the races.

The 2014 season has been a big hit and I have not missed any race yet on TV but with the season winding up and only 6 races to go it is time to look forward. The Monaco GP has always excited me not only because the track provides a tough challenge but because it has provided the greatest moments in racing history.

If you don’t believe it you just need to look at the jinxed 1982 race where five drivers were unable to win even after taking the lead due to engine failure or fuel issues. You can also look at the great rivalry of the 80s between Senna and Prost which always made this circuit a highlight.

Now let’s be frank what will I be doing come May 21st to 24th 2015? It is not all about racing though this is the crux of my intended holiday in Monte Carlo. I also want to indulge in a bit of:

• Fast cars as I am told they are in their thousands and rental rates are fair enough. Now picture me and my wife cruising in a Lamborghini down the Alpine roads as we explore the principality.

• A little bit of unwinding: We love the beach and none in the world rivals what Larvotto Plage has to offer. I also intend to indulge in city walking and seeing the magnificent buildings.

• Dining in style: Truth be told, I haven’t been very good when it comes to taking her out and so I might as well splurge on some glamorous dining in one of the glitzy hotels.

Now guys I have to get down to business lest the tickets for the Grandstands where I want to watch the race from sell out. Buy yours also and let’s have some thrill, whoever said life starts at fifty was right. See you at the Monaco GP 2015!