Golf Is Here – The TV Is Now Officially Booked!

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It’s that time of the year again – the time when everything falls back into place and natural order is restored. Yes, it’s the first golf major of the year – the Masters is upon us.

My wife knows by now not to ask me for any help this weekend. The grass can grow, the fridge can get empty, my kids can call me on Monday – this is my time.

For four glorious days the TV belongs to me (and again in the summer when the Open Championship is broadcast) and I will watch the golf, the pre-round analysis and the post-round analysis. I will be immersed.

I may tell myself that I’ll pick up a few tips along the way but I just love it for the theatre. Next week I’ll be out with my mates for 18 holes and the talk will be all about Augusta, who won, who bottled it, who is this year’s hard luck story.

Armed with my Mizuno irons, my Taylor Made drivers, my shiny Titleist balls and my wonderful new golf gps system I’ll take on the fairways, the greens, (a few bunkers, maybe) and my opponents in pursuit of golfing excellence.

But that is for next week, for now I have an appointment with my sofa.

For those of you who haven’t got the golf bug yet I can tell you that Major Championships (of which there are four) are the most intense of human dramas. Sport can be like that, but there is no team to hide in, nobody else to blame – with golf it’s all down to the individual players.

All of the guys who tee off at Augusta have a chance, they are all great golfers. Who the winner is will be determined by a mixture of skill, luck, daring, caution, mental clarity and heart. What a recipe!

So, for the next four days I will cry, laugh and delight along with these golfing superstars as I sit for hours on end in front of my TV. In some small way the dramas, the disappointments and the triumphs will be mine also. That’s the beauty of watching top class golf unfold before your very eyes, you really do feel that you are emotionally engaged.

So, no phone calls please, no interruptions as we get ready for four glorious days in the Georgia sunshine.

Here’s a bit of golfing greatness from the Masters. A good video…

You can also follow live scoring at